Meet Indiana Flyfishing Guides

Indiana Flyfishing Guides is comprised of two very lucky men. We enjoy taking people fishing on our favorite local waters, teaching flycasting, advanced fishing tactics, and mentoring our clients to become better flyfishers. We can also just shut-up and row the boat, or stand there holding lunch and an extra rod if that's what you prefer.

Jeff Conrad

Jeff Conrad - flyfishing guide

Jeff Conrad is a veteran flyfisher with a diverse background in coldwater, warmwater and saltwater flyfishing. Having started flyfishing in the Boston area in 1984 gave him exposure to all types of fishing, from Bass in area lakes and Trout in the great Catskill rivers, to saltwater fish in Boston Harbor and Cape Cod. He has been floating and guiding on Indiana’s White River for 17 years and has also spent lots of time on Sugar Creek, the Tippecanoe River, Michigan's AuSable River, fishing Great Lakes Steelhead in Erie PA, and wading miles of flats around Tampa Bay. Teaching is a big part of his activity, offering private flyfishing lessons and group seminars throughout the year.

Jeff is always trying to solve fishing problems, either by tweaking an existing pattern or creating his own fly designs. His fly patterns include:

  • Conrad Sculpin - My own design of an articulated streamer. Tied and sold internationally by Pacific Fly Group
  • Eat The Baby streamer series - A slinky, rabbit-strip Clouser-style fly that is a favorite for early season, but catches lots of species anytime.
  • Conrad Deerhair Diver - Thanks to Larry Dahlberg for his great creation. This is Jeff's "tweak" to improve floatation.
  • Conrad Wounded Minnow - Thanks to Chuck Kraft for his Kreel Spoon Minnow. This is Jeff's version, since Chuck no longer makes them.
  • Conrad's Eel - Todd Boyer's Wiggle Minnow approach with a more stable side-to-side motion.
  • Predator Drone - A swooning/dying fly that suffers ferocious attacks from large predators and those that think they are large.
  • Conrad Crawdad - Another good crayfish pattern
  • Brookville Clouser - A Clouser tied with red squirrel on the bottom and gray squirrel on top. Good pattern colors for tannic trout waters.
  • 9mm Hopper/Dropper/Popper - great for hopper/dropper presentation or activated to "pop". Guaranteed flotation.
  • Fathead Conrad - A combination of Keith Fulsher's "Thunder Creek" and the Clouser Minnow. The depth and jigging action of the Clouser with the profile of a fathead minnow.

Pro Affiliations include:

In his non-fishing hours, Jeff is a professional trumpet player in Indianapolis and runs a small business, offering marketing strategies, web design, and graphic layouts to small businesses. He is married to Shelly, his wife of 28 years and father to 2 amazing daughters, Kylie and Lily. Now that his girls are entering adulthood, Jeff plans to spend even more time on the water and at the vise.

He runs a custom raft for its stability, quietness, and ability to negotiate the low waters of Summer & Fall.

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Ed Devine

Ed Devine - flyfishing guide

Ed grew up in Johnstown, PA and spent his youth on Pennsylvania's freestone and spring creeks. He has spent countless hours chasing Great Lakes Steelhead and Salmon in the tributaries of Lake Michigan and Lake Erie. Ed spent 3 years in England building a golf course for Nick Faldo. While there he fished lakes and chalkstreams nearly everyday. Ed is an experienced and very versatile fly fisherman with especially deadly nymphing skills honed on the trout streams of western PA and the Erie Steelhead tributaries, where his nymph pattern, “Eddie’s Hex”, is a top producing fly. Ed is our primary guide on the Brookville Tailwater. Ed's main focus is on his family and his job as a groundskeeper for a major baseball complex, so his availability for guiding is better during the winter months when his ball fields are dormant.

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