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Fly fishing guides in Indiana offering guided float trips for Smallmouth Bass in Indiana. We fish rivers such as Sugar Creek in Crawfordsville IN, West Fork of the White River in Indianapolis, Tippecanoe River near Lafayette IN.

Conrad Baby Smallmouth Fly Pattern

Recipe for tying the Conrad Baby Smallmouth streamer by Jeff Conrad:

A rabbit strip Clouser-style fly in Smallmouth colors.



1) Tie the lead eyes onto the hook shank in normal Clouser style, but leave a little more room behind the hook eye than you normally might for a standard Clouser.

2) Tie in 6” of medium copper wire behind the lead eyes and facing backwards past the hook shank.

3) Dub your thread with the Ice Dub and cover the entire body area with a fairly thick layer of dubbing from back to front (just behind the lead eyes), building a slight taper from thinner at the rear to thicker just behind the lead eyes.

4) Color the rabbit strip underskin with an olive or brown marker. Then tie it in on the top of the shank just in front of the lead eyes.

5) Extend the rabbit strip back between the lead eyes and begin wrapping the copper wire forward to tie it down. Weave the wire through the rabbit fur as you advance forward to avoid matting it down. Wrap the copper wire around the rabbit strip 2 or 3 times at the first wrap-in point to keep the rabbit strip from spinning around the hook shank. Wrap the wire all the way forward to the head of the fly, trim off excess and tie it down tightly. Half hitch to secure temporarily.

6) Turn the fly over (hook point up) and tie in the copper flash just in front of the lead eyes to extend back slightly shorter than the length of the rabbit strip.

7) Tie in a small amount of chartreuse bucktail (20 strands) extending back past the hook point. On top of that add a similar amount of olive bucktail. You can also substitute a synthethic like Slinky Fibre, which is more durable.

8) Whip finish and add head cement.

To emulate other species, change the colors of the materials…



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