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Schedule a flyfishing float or wade trip

We go out of our way to make sure our flyfishing guide rates are affordable because we believe that if you discover the beauty and fun of Indiana fly fishing you will return season after season, year after year to enjoy the rivers.

Good fly casting skills are necessary for Smallmouth Bass float trips. Please be aware that it is very difficult to cast large streamers or poppers for several miles of river, so good flycasting skills are a requirement for booking a float. It is nearly impossible for a guide to row a boat and teach basic flycasting skills on the water. If your casting is not up to the task, please consider taking casting lessons before booking a float trip.

We are flyfishing guides only. Sorry, no spinning or baitcasting anglers. We require Barbless Fishing to protect the humans, fish and equipment, and we practice Catch and Release.

Cancellation policies:

  • Cancellation more than 5 days prior to your trip, your deposit will be refunded.
  • Cancellations within 5 days of your trip, your deposit will not be refunded.
  • Cancellations within 2 days of your trip the full amount of trip is due.
  • No cancellations due to weather or water unless suggested by the guide
  • We provide refund of the deposit if we cancel due to weather or water issues

Our 2022 guide rates are listed below

West Fork of the White River

Float trips Spring, Summer and Fall, flows permitting (White River info)

Full Day Float Trip

  • 1 Angler - $375
  • 2 Anglers - $425

Half Day Float Trip

  • 1 Angler - $300
  • 2 Anglers - $325

Brookville Tailwater

Wade trips available year-round, flows permitting (Brookville info)

Full Day Wade Trip

  • 1 Angler - $350
  • 2 Anglers - $400

NEW OFFERING: 4-hour guided wade for experienced flyfishers

  • 1 or 2 Anglers - $250

The 4-hour guided wade is intended to assist experienced anglers in learning their way around the Brookville Tailwater, including understanding flows, the holes we fish, the flies we use, and the presentations that help you succeed. We can do the 4-hour wade in the morning and then you can have the rest of the day to fish.

Tippecanoe River (below Oakdale Dam)

Float trips Summer and Fall, flows permitting (Tippi info)

Full Day Float

  • 1 Angler - $425
  • 2 Anglers - $475

Pardon the higher price, but the Tippecanoe is a 1.5 hour drive and a 9 mile float.

Sugar Creek

I'm currently not guiding on Sugar Creek. Call for recommendations of other guides.

What You Should Bring / What We Provide

Equipment to bring:

  • Fly Rods (Smallmouth - 6-7wt with floating line. Trout - 4-5wt with floating line)
  • Fishing License (buy on-line)
  • Most of the time we wet wade in the warmer weather. In cold weather we will wear waders/boots - Cleats are recommended for wade trips. No cleats allowed in the boat on float trips.
  • Seasonally appropriate clothing, hat and raingear
  • Polarized Sunglasses (required) for eye protection and improved fish spotting
  • Sunscreen & Insect Repellent
  • Camera
  • Necessary medications or special dietary needs

What We Provide:

  • Streamside lunches and snacks - (Meals on full days - snacks on 1/2 days)
  • We provide loaner rods and reels if needed
  • We always carry basic flyfishing supplies such as flies, floatant, tippet, tools, etc.
  • We always try to find someone to shuttle vehicles (on float trips) to make the trip more convenient and pleasureable. When we can find a "spotter" (which is most of the time), we will have you meet us at the takeout, at which point the spotter will ride with us to the put-in while we drop the boat. Then the spotter will take the car/trailer back to the takeout point so that when we arrive (usually late!) all of our cars are in place and there is no "after the float" car shuffle to deal with. It costs us a bit more, but we believe it is part of running a truly professional guide service.