Fly Fishing Lessons

Flyfishing and Flycasting Instruction

Part of our love of guiding flyfishers is in helping people improve their flyfishing skills. Everytime you improve any aspect of your flycasting or presentation it improves your overall success and enjoyment of the sport. We offer:

  • Fly casting lessons
  • Private fly fishing classes
  • Flyfishing "mentor" programs to help you develop quickly and shorten the learning curve to success as a flyfisher.

If you are new to flyfishing we highly recommend that you don't buy any equipment until after we have worked with you. After your classes and lessons, you'll have a thorough understanding of what fly fishing equipment you'll need. This approach will definitely save you money. We want you to get started in flyfishing with the least hassle and expense. Loaner equipment is available during the classes. We can recommend the equipment you'll need to get started based on your budget, target fish species, etc. It doesn't have to be expensive to get started fly fishing. While you can buy the best of the best if you want to, we can recommend moderately priced fly rods, fly reels, and other equipment that will serve you well for years. Don't let cost chase you away from the sport of a lifetime.

Quotes from a recent students... "Hey, Jeff!  I had a truly enjoyable day!  It reinforced my desire to be a fly fisherman, but I know I still have a long way to go. Thank you for the picture as it helps prove to my family that I actually caught something. Anyway, I promise to keep practicing and learning this great sport. -Pete"

"Jeff, your training content and style did the trick. I think this confirms that Andrew is "hooked". Thanks ,Greg"

"Jeff. We really had a great day. Sore this morning! ~Kent"

Here are some of the lessons and classes we offer:

Individual flycasting lessons:

Work out issues with your fly casting stroke to improve distance and accuracy. Learn to control your casting loop so you can cast:

  • Tight loops for dry fly fishing or saltwater flats fishing with small flies (shrimp, crabs, etc.) in the ever-present wind
  • Medium loops for general fishing
  • Wide loops for nymphing and other multiple fly rigs

Learn to double-haul, reach cast, shoot line on the foward and back cast, and other exteremely useful flyfishing casts.

  • $35 per hour

Beginner's Half-day flyfishing class:

  • Private 4 hour class - $140 (Group rates also available)
  • Intro to flyfishing
  • Equipment, Knots, Flies, Tactics
  • Flycasting lesson (no fishing involved)

Beginner's Full-day flyfishing class:

If flyfishing has always interested you and you would like to explore it for a day, the full day beginner's course is a great way to get started. You'll get a solid overview of how flyfishing works, the gear, the flies, the casting, and a opportunity to try your hand at some fish in stillwater.

  • Private 8-9 hour class: $300 (Group rates also available)
  • Intro to flyfishing
  • Equipment, Knots, Flies, Tactics
  • Flycasting lesson
  • Local 1/2 day pond fishing trip

Flyfishing Mentor Program:

Our mentor program is intended to move you through the learning phases in a single season. We accelerate your progress from a novice flyfisher to one with a thorough understanding of the sport and the basic skills to be able to enjoy flyfishing from the bank of a pond, while wading in a river, or flyfishing from a drift boat. Developing these skills will increase your enjoyment of flyfishing in many different situations. The course series includes:

  • Private season-long study: $750 (2 person rates also available)
  • Intro to flyfishing, equipment, knots, flies, intro to flycasting (4 hour)
  • Loaner equipment for practice
  • 2 (or more if needed) flycasting lessons (1+ hours each - spread out a few weeks apart)
  • 1 stillwater fishing trip (1/2 day)
  • 1 float trip (full day)

Whether from the banks of your subdivision pond, wading a local stream, or enjoying a float trip down a famous Montana trout river, the skills you will learn in this series of courses will skip you ahead years in learning to flyfish. Assignments will be given to practice your skills between sessions. (Yep, there's homework :-)

Brookville Tailwater Nymphing Class

A 4-hour guided wade intended to assist experienced anglers in learning their way around the Brookville Tailwater, including understanding flows, the holes we fish, the flies we use, and the presentations that help you succeed. We can do the 4-hour wade in the morning and then you can have the rest of the day to fish. 1 person: $200. 2 people: $225.

Call Jeff at 317-258-8608 or email to inquire about flyfishing and flycasting lessons.